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fresch cheese on a sandwich

Fresh cheese – young and mild

Fresh cheese is the youngest form of cheese, and comes in a variety of flavours. Italian Ricotta, French Chèvre and Greek Feta cheese are all well known examples of fresh cheese.

Fresh cheese is so named because it hasn’t been aged. It typically comes without rinds and tastes milder and simpler than aged cheese. You’ll often find fresh cheese in salads, paired with tomatoes, olives and herbs, but there are many other ways to eat it.

The American cream cheese, for example, is used as a spread and as a key ingredient in cheesecake, while Ricotta is often found in pasta dishes and desserts. In this cheese segment, you’ll find cheeses made from cow milk, goat and sheep milk, but also mozzarella, traditionally produced from buffalo milk.

Short shelf time

Fresh cheese has the shortest shelf time of all cheeses, usually needing to be consumed within days or weeks. The water content in fresh cheese varies considerably, which affects its texture. Quark contains the highest moisture level and is made by acidifying milk. Cream cheese is made in the same way, but has a lower moisture content.

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Cheese and Whey - Other varieties

Other cheese varieties

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