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Prepared food - soups, sauces and desserts

Food and meals are not just about the body getting the nutrition it needs, but about much more, for instance pleasure, feeding the senses and getting together with others, all of which increase our eagerness for life.​

Consumers are looking for a greater variety of safe, high quality products to choose from that taste homemade, with quality particles and nutritional value, while reducing sugar, fat and additives. They’re also demanding greater convenience in preparation and eating on the go and are increasingly favouring products that prioritize low environmental impact.

Read more in Prepared for the future, smarter solutions for prepared food (pdf).

Read about different food cultures, cuisine​s from all over the world, ​eating habits​ and our daily meals in Tetra Pak Magazine - What's on the menu​ (pdf).

We offer you a complete range of prepared food processing and packaging solutions. So you can provide your consumers with tasty food products in attractive packages that guarantee commercial sterility and safety.

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