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Strawberry and Ice cream

Ice cream - cool, creamy and delicious

Ice cream is enjoyed by people throughout the world and we can confidently say that everybody loves ice cream.

Ice cream ranges from very healthy offerings containing low fat or low carb to indulgent products with high fat content including delicious ingredients such as chocolate, nuts and syrups.

Tetra Pak is the world-leading single-source manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions, equipment and consumables for processing and packaging ice cream.

The full range of Tetra Pak's ice cream equipment starts with raw material storage and continues through mix preparation to continuous freezing and inclusion systems. Our production solutions include the extrusion, moulding, filling, hardening and packaging of stick products, cups, cones, sandwiches, cakes and family packs. In fact the whole range of delicious ice cream products that consumers desire and enjoy.

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