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Extruded ice cream – a top quality product

From candy bars and sandwiches to cones and cakes, thanks to its creamy texture, extruded ice cream can be produced in many different forms and shapes.

Top quality ice cream, known as extruded ice cream, is often stiffer and colder, with a creamier texture than moulded or filled ice cream. It’s typically extruded onto a tray using a time-elapse filler. With this technique, you can produce different shapes, like a funny face or a fruit slice, to make your product stand out.

Many varieties

Extrusion enables manufacturers to produce a wide range of popular, appealing ice cream products, including stick novelties, sandwiches, wafer cups, desserts, ball-top cones, candy bars, bite-size treats, logs and cakes. All products can also be decorated and coated.

Trends and opportunities

One of the winning entries in our Ice Cream Challenge, where we asked consumers for their best ice cream-related ideas, was an ice cream made with Greek yoghurt, chia seeds, fruit and granola for breakfast on-the-go. The idea is not only on-trend from a health and flavour point of view, but also from a sensory one, as textures are becoming increasingly important. Read more in Inspiration for your ​​​​next ice cream product

Production and processing

Our extrusion equipment integrates the production units you need, from raw material input to product wrapping and cartoning.

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Processing applications for ice cream specialities


There is no limit to the delicious treats, cakes and desserts you can produce on an ice cream extrusion line: ice cream cakes, desserts and moulded ice cream Read more

Processing applications for Ice cream bars and bites

Bar & Bite

Bar-snacks and bite sizes. We have developed a method whereby nuts and caramel are dropped into a continuous groove in the ice cream bar. Read more

Processing applications for ice cream sandwiches


With different ingredients - wafers, cookies, chocolate chips, nuts and caramel as well as ice cream - sandwiches provide plenty of scope for creativity! Read more

Processing applications for Ice cream cones


How about a delicious cone with an enticing swirl of nuts and chocolate on the top? Tetra Pak has the filling line you need. Read more

Processing applications for ice cream sticks


When making premium ice cream products, extrusion is the way to go. With this technique you can produce novelty shapes like a funny face, a fruit slice.. Read more

Ice cream applications, new ideas and recipes

Ice cream

Talk to us about new product ideas; get recipe suggestions, guidance on the best processing methods and professional help with product testing. Read more

Recipe and ingredients supply for ice cream

Consumables - Danice

Danice Services is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of products for ice cream processing and packaging including product ideas and recipe formulation Read more

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