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Ice cream cones

Filled ice cream – cones, cups and desserts

By combining ice cream with tasty toppings like nuts, fruit or a variety of sauces, you can create a product that stands out. As a bonus, consumers show a growing interest in trying new flavours and textures.

Ice cream can fill cones, cups, desserts, bulks, tubs, tubes and squeeze-ups. Whatever container you choose, ice cream can be shaped into a unique product with an impressive combination of syrup ripples, jam swirls or mixed with nuts, fruit and more.

Trends and opportunities

One of the winning entries in our Ice Cream Challenge, where we asked consumers for their best ice cream-related ideas, was a blue cheese flavoured ice cream with crunchy almonds and crispy pears. This combination of a new flavour and interesting texture is right on trend.

Production and processing

The Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Filler offers complete solutions for standard cup, cone and bulk ice cream products, letting manufacturers create a variety of sophisticated, attractive and eye-catching products.

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Ice cream applications, new ideas and recipes

Ice cream

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Processing applications for Ice cream cones


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Processing applications for Ice cream cup & bulk

Cup & Bulk

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Processing applications for ice cream specialities


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Recipe and ingredients supply for ice cream

Consumables - Danice

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