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Juice, nectar and still drinks

Juice, nectar and still drinks are three categories of drinks with so many variants that all consumers, regardless of age, lifestyle and taste preferences, can find their favourites. Common to them all is that, to varying degrees, they contain the natural juice or extract from fruit, vegetables or herbs. What the final product can be called is regulated by national and regional food legislation, but with some variation.

Juice is traditionally a breakfast drink, but we see innovation in the segments in terms of flavouring, blends and fortifications. Playing on this health awareness trend adding vegetables to juice drinks can enhance the segment’s health credentials, and could also be appealing to parents struggling to get their children to eat 5-a-day.

Juice Index report

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Juice - 100% fruit

Juice contains only the natural ingredients contained in fruit and vegetables, i.e. fruit juice or fruit juice concentrate, water, natural flavourings and fruit pulp. Whether the juice comes from concentrate or not, it undergoes a mild pasteurization process before packaging to ensure that the consumer gets a safe, high quality product, without any risk of unwanted micro-organisms.

Product content and labelling of fruit juices are subject to different regulations that vary globally. In the USA there are standards set by the FDA and USDA, in the EU there are both mandatory directives and recommendations, and other regions may have a mixture of mandatory and voluntary standards.

Read more about Juice and juice trends at the European fruit juice association (AIJN) website.


Within the beverage industry nectar is a fruit juice that is too thick to drink – for example, from apricots, peaches and pears. The juice, or rather the purée, must therefore be diluted with water and have sugar added to make it drinkable. The fruit juice content in nectar can vary between 25 and 99 per cent.

Still drinks

The next step on the scale for less juice content is still drinks, namely fruit drinks with less than 25 per cent of fruit content. Some countries require that the juice content is stated on the package and others have a minimum requirement for juice content.

Packaging solutions for juice products

Tetra Pak carton packages

Packages for juice and drinks

We offer you the most attractive and complete carton packaging range for consuming fresh products. All our packages offer consumer convenience, easy opening, optimal shelf life and the ability to give your brand maximum exposure.

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Filling machines for juice and drinks

Filling lines for juice and drinks

We provide integrated processing, packaging, and distribution solutions for juice and drinks. Our aseptic solutions keeps food safe, fresh and flavourful for at least six months without refrigeration or preservatives.

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Processing solutions for juice products

Juice applications for NFC or ​reconstituted juices​


Our high accuracy blending equipment for juice processing keeps product losses negligible and capture the natural, delicious aroma of the fruit Read more

Still drinks and beverages

Still drinks

The key to success in the still drinks business lies in the pre-mix area. Getting the mixture just right and adding the ingredients in the right order are... Read more

Drinks and juices with pulp and particles

Particle drinks

Tetra Pak has several techniques and over 25 years’ experience in making particulate products like soups and sauces, as well as juices and particle beverages. Read more

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