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Whey and cheese

Whey - adding value to foods

Whey is a by-product from manufacturing of hard, semi-hard and soft cheese. Whey is a valuable raw material for producing whey powder and value added products like whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein isolate (WPI).

An advanced process technology is required to produce whey products like WPC and lactose powder. Whey powder and whey protein concentrate are used in a wide range of food products such as processed meat, sausages, health foods, beverages, baby food, beverages and confectionery. They bring increased nutritional value and improved texture to food products. Watch how whey powder improves sustainability

The quality and type of whey from cheese manufacture is different depending on the type of manufactured cheese and the control of the cheese process. Sweet whey is manufactured from hard and semi-hard cheeses, and acid whey is produced from cottage cheese and quark. Sweet whey is less acidic and has the highest quality.

The Process Development Centre of offers you the way to validate your future production line. Read more in Tetra Pak Cheese and Powder Systems, The Netherlands (pdf) and Process development Centre, Test facility in France (pdf).

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