Stand out on the shelf with innovative package design


Pink Tetra Brik cartons, Tetra Brik 900 Ultra Edge

Optimised size – maximum shelf impact

Small on-the-go packages or large cartons for in-house consumption? Downsize or upsize your package for your – and the consumer’s! – needs. Smart sizing is about maintaining size impression – and preserving brand recognition. It also lets you optimise your product for distribution and different consumption occasions.

Cartons on pedestals, Tetra Gemina, Tetra Brik and Tetra Top

Re-shape. Re-think.

Your package speaks to the consumer. It conveys what it contains – and it is also an important brand statement.

Our shaping options and design elements give you the flexibility you need to make your product stand out on the store shelf. One example is the Tetra Top® Mini V. For some more inspiration, check out the Refit and Reshape programme.

Tetra Pak cartons with different types of openings

Functional freedom

We offer a wide array of openings and closures. Our openings with resealable caps are optimised for facial geometry and beverage flow. They are available in a multitude of sizes and designs. Another great option is the hygienic and easy-to-open tear-off tab – perfect for ice cream or frozen yoghurt.

Our solutions include DreamCap™, WingCap™ and the MiM opening.

Designs and textures, packaging material

External effects – express your brand identity

Our portfolio of external effects lets you customise and personalise your package to convey your brand’s unique expression.

With this continuously growing range of effects, you can evolve your package designs without any new installations or investments – you just plug and play.

Want to learn more? Check out our packaging effects here.

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Differentiate with packaging material effects

Tetra Pak® Artistry is a new portfolio of packaging material products that let you convey your brand’s unique identity and expression.

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