Complete end-to-end solution for manufactures of oral care products - fast, energy-efficient lines that reduce the total overall cost of your operation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Processing lines for ​Oral care ​​products

We all love the minty fresh feel of a newly brushed teeth. But as an oral care manufacturer, how can you make the production of volume products like toothpaste, gel and mouth wash profitable? Tetra Pak has some ideas for you.

End-to-end solutions

Working with specialists at Tetra Pak, we've brought powder and liquid handling systems together in a complete end-to-end solution for the manufacture of oral care products. This means we can offer you a fast, energy-efficient lines that reduce the total overall cost of your operation – 100% designed, delivered and backed by Tetra Pak.

30% – 40% faster oral care production lines​

Our oral care production lines include efficient solutions for the transfer of large amounts of powder, and powerful, high-capacity mixing equipment that rapidly forms an even slurry, even when viscosity is high. Incorporating and mixing powders faster than competing equipment, a Tetra Pak high shear mixer reduces your batch time by up to 40%, but still delivers the same recipe accuracy.

Differentiate​ with flavours and active ingredients

Minty fresh may be the long term favourite in oral care, but there are many other opportunities to explore. Alternative flavours like herbs or spices, or active ingredients that destroy unwanted mouth bacteria, for example.  You're always welcome to test new recipes or check the stability of new formulae at one of our pilot plants in Jakarta or Shanghai.​

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