Classrooms from cartons

In cities across India we’ve rolled out an initiative to increase the recycling of used beverage cartons… but the story doesn’t end there.

The collected cartons are turned into classroom furniture for disadvantaged schools around the country.

It’s recycling with multiple benefits. We teach the value of recycling, give the cartons a new life and provide much needed resources for schools.

From every 800,000 cartons collected we can make 200 classroom desks and chairs. The school equipment is provided to disadvantaged schools.

Recycled cartons are also turned into school books and exam pads. So far over 20,000 notebooks have been handed out.

Our Cartons Le Aao , Classroom Banao initiative is part of an ongoing flagship ‘Go Green with Tetra Pak’ programme designed to increase awareness of recycling in India.

The aim is to bring about behavioural change by encouraging people to deposit used paper-based Tetra Pak cartons for recycling.

We’re not doing it alone. We work in collaboration with retail chains Reliance Fresh and Sahakari Bhandar and environment organization R U Recycling to provide recycling infrastructure at stores.

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Playing for better recycling rates

Almost doubling the carton recycling rate in just four year is a great success, but we’re ambitious. By 2020 we’re aiming for 50% of all beverage cartons in Sweden to be recycled.

The approach is to engage children and families through fun and competitions. The Carton Game runs in schools and kindergartens and includes fun activities and competitions to education and inspire children about recycling, the environment and sustainability.

A staggering 180,000 children have already been involved and the results speak for themselves. Over three months different matches and competitions are held, with prizes for the best entries awarded at the end of the year.

Recycling in Swedish households is a well-established behaviour. Around 90% of glass and newsprint are recycled, but the recycling of plastic, metal and drink cartons is much lower.

The Carton Game lets us communicate messages about the valuable uses for used beverage cartons, at the same time as promoting the ease of recycling packages.

We work in partnership with World Wildlife Fund which co-sponsors the contest and selects three conservation projects each year to highlight in the competition.

The Carton Game has its own digital platform filled with educational and inspirational materials, videos and exercises for schools and students to get involved.

Colorful cartoons

Engage children in recycling and you can change the future. How better to get children interested than through a colourful family of cartoon characters and an interactive website.

Launched by Tetra Pak UK, is home to cartoons, fun puzzles and activities. Its designed to get children thinking about recycling and sustainability. A benefit for life.

The children can put recycling into action. The site includes a link to our interactive recycling map, so users can check where and how to recycle cartons in their local area.

More than 90% of local authorities in the UK now collect cartons for recycling.

The site is jammed with ideas for teachers and activities for in the classroom. Families can get involved too, with practical information on recycling at home.

Little Things Renew Nature, Turkey

For 13 years, Tetra Pak Turkey has been running a schools education programme, Little Things Renew Nature, to educate children on the need to respect natural resources and show children how cartons can be recycled and why it’s so important to do so. A number of activities demonstrate the importance of separating milk and juice carton packs and depositing them in recycling bins. A highlight of the training is making paper out of carton packs. To date, the initiative has reached 1.25 million children and in 2016 was awarded a Corporate Social Responsibility award by the Turkish Labour Unions Confederation.

Little Things Renew Nature programme
Children running in Shanghai Eco-park

Shanghai eco-park

A new eco-park next to Shanghai’s Disneyland Resort is a showcase for the creative possibilities of recycling, featuring 500 benches and 250 waste bins as well as a series of sculptures of the traditional Swedish Dala Horse, all made from some 4.38 million recycled Tetra Pak cartons. The horse was chosen as the symbol of the eco-park because of its strong connection with the forest: traditionally, woodsmen in Dalarna province would carve them for their children during the long dark winter nights. Each sculpture carries a QR code that visitors can scan for stories and information about renewability and recycling. The ongoing partnership between Tetra Pak and the park’s managers, Shanghai Shendi Group, includes public education campaigns and developing souvenirs made from recycled materials.

5 great products from recycled Tetra Pak cartons infograph

5 great products from recycled Tetra Pak cartons

Roofing sheets, classroom desk…Take a look (pdf).

Improving infrastructure

Recycling infrastructure is essential for the successful recycling of our used beverage cartons. We support the development of this infrastructure by working with private and public sector partners to provide collection and recycling opportunities.

Expanding markets

Without demand there is no incentive to collect cartons or make products from recycled materials. So we are constantly looking for new ways to repurpose used beverage packages into innovative and profitable products.

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