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4 consumer trends that are shaping
on-the-go consumption



Easy living

According to the Euromonitor Global Consumer Trends Report, the number of consumers who are “willing to spend money in order to save time” has increased to 59% in the Middle East region. Within our hectic and fast-paced lives, the definition of nourishment also varies. Snacking or quick meals do not necessarily conclude to unhealthy eating anymore! Today's consumers, not to compromise on their time or health, prefer nutritious foods in packages suitable for on-the-go consumption.



Healthy balance

The context of healthy living is evolving. 48% of the consumers in Middle East claim that they read the nutritional value of the products they buy. Those who embrace a healthy living prefer value added products that are rich in nutritional value. On-the-go Tetra Pak packages protect the nutritional values of the enriched drinks and offer convenience to modern consumers any time anywhere.



Chosen Individualism

48% of modern consumers are willing to pay more for customised products as a way of expressing their identity. These new-generation consumers focus on the package design, as much as the product content. They prefer personalised products that reflect their individual values and lifestyles. Packages play an important role by allowing self-expression with unique and modern design.



Experience hunting

According to the Euromonitor global consumer trends report 78% of consumers in Turkey and the Middle East, and 74% in South Africa, are open to try new products and services. Consumers expect so much more from a product. Many brands now design new products aiming to offer surprises and provide unforgettable user experiences. On-the-go Tetra Pak packages offer a perfect consumer experience with their ergonomically designed shapes & openings, exciting packaging effects and large printable area which allows consumer engagement.

Source: Euromonitor Global Consumer Trends Report

The Dream Team
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Do you want to be a part of the success with Tetra Prisma® Aseptic?