Predictive Maintenance, helps you go beyond prevention to predicting failures before they occur.


Do you want to know how we helped a dairy producer avoid over 140 hours of downtime?

A south American dairy wanted less unplanned downtime, and to reduce the number of packs that went to waste every day. The failures were caused by different kinds of breakdowns and malfunctions - for example, worn-out shafts due to broken lubrication pipes and low pressure in a hydraulic pump.

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Experts at our global data centre analysing data

We turn data into action

With our Predictive Maintenance service, you have one partner responsible for equipment set-up, data analysis and maintenance. Experts at our global data centre analyse data from connected equipment and send timely alerts and insights. Our network of skilled specialists receive the alerts and schedule and execute maintenance events.

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Invest in the future of food manufacturing

By equipping their factories with the latest technology, our Predictive Maintenance customers aren’t only future-proofing their investments. Together with us, they’re helping to shape Industry 4.0 – and bringing food manufacturing closer to zero breakdowns.

Tetra Pak service engineers at packaging line.

Unplanned downtime is a thing of the past

Predictive Maintenance is one of the best defences against catastrophic failures. Now we can monitor critical functions in your equipment in and identify issues before they lead to breakdowns. Fewer equipment stops mean less production waste, a reduction in unplanned downtime and a healthier business.

Webinar: Leveraging Industry 4.0

Webinar: Leveraging Industry 4.0

Curious to know more about digitalisation and Predictive Maintenance? In this webinar, we join forces with Microsoft to explain what Industry 4.0 is and what the implications are for food manufacturers. We also dig into what predictive maintenance means and how it can save you days of lost production time.

How does predictive maintenance work?

How do we really go about predicting events in your operation? Our technical paper helps you gain a deeper understanding of what predictive maintenance is and how we deliver it. Learn about the different elements of our Predictive Maintenance service and how it can help you prevent breakdowns.


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Discover Tetra Pak® Services

Prevent breakdowns, protect your investments and ensure food safety – to us, service isn’t just about fixing something that’s broken.

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Partner with Tetra Pak® Plant Care

Tetra Pak® Plant Care provides predictability, risk-sharing and long-term partnership through customised service agreements.