2016 Leadership Excellence Award

Engineering Support Manager was named winner of our Leadership Excellence Award in 2016.

​​Our Leadership Excellence Award winner 2016: Stefano Boccolari

This award recognised how Stefano inspired his team to deliver marked improvements in quality and reduce claims by more than half over a five-year period.

Stefano believes that these results are down to making connections throughout the company, regardless of organisational boundaries and being willing to go the extra mile to understand the customer. This means not being afraid to try and test ideas and immersing oneself in the customer experience. He sees that bringing people and knowledge together can create a better, more productive atmosphere and thereby better results.

“We have an amazing amount of knowledge in Tetra Pak – often more than we realise. We need to reach out to our colleagues worldwide to tap into that, so that we become better equipped to deliver results. This also helps to build relationships and trust throughout the organisation. In my 35 years of working life, I’ve never seen a problem that has a single cause: there’s always more than one. That’s why it is important to involve different people in your problem solving. It helps you see the problem from all angles and to get all the options for how best to solve it.” Stefano Boccolari, winner of the 2016 Leadership Excellence Award

Stefano’s approach is an inspiration to us all. In creating the right atmosphere and a climate of trust and respect, we can achieve so much more as we are led by what’s really best for the customer and for the company, not simply ‘following procedure’. Honest and open communication encourages people to think creatively and contribute diverse ideas and opinions.

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