Value-adding services

As well as our cutting-edge processing and packaging technologies, we also offer services that give the bigger picture in terms of cost and environmental impact. This helps customers find opportunities to optimise their operations and make savings.

​​​​Environmental benchmarking and monitoring

Our Environmental Benchmarking Service is one such example of value-adding services. It analyses the entire plant of food and beverage companies, from the processing and packaging lines and water efficiency, to wastewater treatment, energy efficiency, product yield, waste and carbon. Based on this audit, our technical service team can make recommendations on specific areas of improvement. In addition, an environmental monitoring system includes an energy use dashboard that enables plants to report into a single central platform in real time. In fact, customers can now access the dashboard through a mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Enabling our customers to make informed choices 

Our total life cost of ownership tool helps customers weigh-up maintenance versus environmental performance and capital expenditures versus long-term operating costs. This helps the customer make an informed choice when investing in new products or processes.

Netherlands: with cheese production being highly energy and water intensive, Dutch cheese manufacturer, CONO Kaasmakers, wanted to become the greenest dairy in the world. CONO uses the Tetra Alcross reverse osmosis unit to take out 12 percent of whey solids, with water reused as rinsing water for cleaning the equipment. The concentrated whey is further processed at the whey powder factory using our equipment. Separators are estimated to use less than half the energy required by conventional separators. Overall, the solution saves approximately 25 percent in gas and electricity and 75 percent in water, thanks to the improved separation of water and milk.

Pakistan: our teams spent a year helping Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim use the total cost of ownership tool to cultivate networks in the industry and meet joint-venture partners to understand the best approach to its new line of business.

China: we've worked with Mengniu, the largest producer of ambient liquid dairy products in the country, applying total cost principles to streamline factory performance.

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