We continually strive to develop innovative products that meet our customers’ needs – including their requirement for a high standard of environmental performance.

​​​​​Future-proof solutions

Renewable resources are natural resources that grow back, such as wood and sugarcane. A package made from well-managed renewable materials is a future-proof solution, securing the supply of packaging materials and protecting food and forests for this generation and those to come.

We believe that using renewable resources, and managing them responsibly, creates market differentiation. In 2015, 100% of our paperboard came from Forest Stewardship Council™(FSC™)-certified and controlled sources, while during the year our customers produced more than 54 billion FSC-certified carton packages around the world. The total produced since our first FSC-labelled package was launched in 2007 now stands at around 200 billion. We also produce bio-based caps and protective coatings made from plastics derived from sugarcane. Since launching our bio-based plastics solutions, we have produced more than 26 billion packs with bio-based coating as well as over 6.4 billion caps made out of plastic derived from sugar cane.

Our long-term goal is that all our packaging will be made from 100% renewable materials. In 2015 we reached a significant milestone on that journey with the launch of the world’s first fully renewable package for liquid food – the Tetra Rex® Bio-based package. In 2016, we expect to deliver more than 100 million Tetra Rex packages, while a new version – the Gable Top Bio-based – was launched in the US at the start of 2016. Looking ahead, we are exploring innovative renewable materials that can also be traced back from package to origin.​​

Awards and recognition

Tetra Rex Bio-based continued to gather awards in 2015, including the Italian Packaging Institute’s Special Environment Prize and the award for 2015 Sustainable Innovation from the Ethical Corporation. Other packages to win recognition for their environmental credentials include Tetra Top® with separable top and Tetra Prisma® Aseptic​​.

Design for Environment

During the early stages of product development, every one of our new packaging products goes through environmental impact assessments to identify risks and opportunities, set environmental requirements and targets, and check legal compliance. We then apply our Design for Environment (DfE) process to ensure the full environmental impact of a new package and associated machinery is calculated and minimized. The earlier DfE can be integrated into our innovations, the lower the environmental and business risks and the greater the market opportunities.

Recent innovations

Innovation has been at the heart of Tetra Pak since the company was established. In addition to the Tetra Rex Bio-based package, other innovations designed to meet the needs of customers and consumers in the area of sustainability include:

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