Health and wellbeing has, until 2017, been managed by our local markets. As a result there have been variations in performance region-by-region. We are now taking a more holistic, centralised approach with a rolling programme of initiatives and central governance to drive progress.

Health across our markets

All companies currently must ensure full compliance with legally required medical examinations for high-risk groups. Many manufacturing site companies also focus on employee health and wellness more broadly, from offering regular hearing and eyesight tests, routine vaccinations and ergonomic risk assessments; to stress management programmes, complementary therapies, advice on nutrition and healthy living, and alcohol and drug support.
For example, at our Global Information Management site in Sweden, we run an annual ‘highway to health’ programme, raising awareness about available training, healthy food, sleep, stress and mindfulness. In 2016, the focus was on work/life balance, alongside our occupational health department.

Healthy living across the Americas

We offer annual medical examinations as an employee benefit across the region. In Mexico, teams ran conferences and workshops on sexual health, oral diseases, healthy living, drugs and addiction, stress management and eye health in 2016. Every April, the Monte Mor and Ponta Grossa converting factories in Brazil run a ‘healthy week’. The week includes a flu vaccination campaign, now extended to include Tetra Pak engineers who work at customer sites.

Looking ahead

Our production sites report a self-assessed compliance of 92 percent to our Corporate OHS guidance for workplace transport, which is helping to ensure the safe management of the movement of forklift trucks and other vehicles on Tetra Pak sites. In 2017, we will begin to review how to extend this focus to driving on public roads for our own employees when driving on company business. 

Global health and wellbeing programme

We recognise a need for a more structured way to manage health and wellbeing and will develop a programme that aims to help our employees live healthy, fulfilling lives. The 2017 programme will build on existing work at many sites to support programmes covering a range of topics including smoking and alcohol abuse, medical checks and ergonomic assessments, mental health support, exercise programmes and healthy eating guidance.

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