We have a holistic and centralised approach to health and wellbeing at Tetra Pak. We use central governance and run a rolling programme of initiatives to drive progress. In 2017, we conducted a detailed analysis of our local health and wellbeing programs and agreed to focus on noise at work and mental wellbeing in 2018.

​​​​​​​Health across our markets

All companies currently must ensure full compliance with legally required medical examinations for high-risk groups. Many manufacturing site companies also focus on employee health and wellness more broadly, from offering regular hearing and eyesight tests, routine vaccinations and ergonomic risk assessments; to stress management programmes, complementary therapies, advice on nutrition and healthy living, and alcohol and drug support.

For example, in 2017 Tetra Pak Singapore ran a company-wide programme to improve health and wellbeing. The programme was called the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge and over 450 employees joined in. Over the course of 100 days, the programme went much further than exercise, providing participating employees with learning opportunities on the importance of sleep, nutrition and mental wellbeing to a healthy lifestyle.


Piloting mental wellbeing programmes at Tetra Pak​

In 2017, we ran local initiatives in France and the UK to test different approaches to managing mental wellbeing.

- In France, all Directors at our Guerin Systems site attended awareness workshops and contributed to an audit of their workplace ‘mental ecology’. Working with Human Resources country representatives, they developed psychological risks plan and negotiated an agreement around recent ‘right to disconnect’ legislation.

- At our Chester site in the UK, we created a company stress policy and provided mental health training for managers and all employees – including how to recognise, understand, manage and cope with stress. We also ran mental health risk assessments and identified ‘Wellbeing Champions’ who have stepped up to help build a healthy and supportive work environment for all Tetra Pak colleagues.  ​

Building on our learnings from these three initiatives, in 2018 we are implementing a ‘train the trainer’ approach to provide our local HR managers with the skills to be able to run and support mental wellbeing programmes in their own countries. This phase of the programme is currently focused on Europe and Japan.​


During 2017, we also launched a corporate procedure to manage safety for driving services suppliers, including approved taxi companies, coaches and hire cars. The procedure focuses on providing a safe vehicle, making sure it has seatbelts and a safe and competent driver.

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