Although billions of Tetra Pak cartons are recycled every year, many consumers are still unaware that cartons can be recycled, or do not know where to go to recycle. Raising consumer awareness is vital to achieving our long-term recycling goals.

​​​​Getting the message across to consumers

Research carried out for Tetra Pak shows that consumers prefer to buy products in packages they know to be recyclable, and that most frequently people sort and set aside waste for recycling.* However, there is still scope to further raise awareness and encourage greater uptake. 

One of the most effective ways of increasing awareness of Tetra Pak recycling opportunities is through consumer campaigns, partnerships with local organizations and programmes in schools. For example, in Turkey, we started a recycling awareness programme for school children in 2005. Since then, “Little Things That Renew Nature” has reached more than 1 million children in Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. We are also involved in a range of consumer awareness initiatives worldwide. ​

* Where infrastructure is in place.

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