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Choose from our growing range of Best-​practice lines – field proven Tetra Pak technology ready to customize. Want big particles, high viscosity or a perfectly smooth mouthfeel? Batch or continuous? Either way you get best practice in terms of food safety, efficiency, product quality and environmental performance. Not to forget the years of application expertise made available through our people.

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We provide complete solutions and processing equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages and prepared food. You provide old favourites or new recipes filled with your own brand of passion and uniqueness. That’s a great way of creating success together.

Moving food forward. Together.

Food processing with Tetra Pak is all about helping customers turn their bright ideas into exciting new food products. How do we do it? Play the video to discover.

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The magic inside

By eliminating the limitations of traditional open separators, we can cut energy costs in half and create a process that is gentler on your products.

Tetra Pak’s design concept for separators, with its closed, airtight (or hermetic) system, eliminates the limitations of open (also known as semi-open) separators. The airtight system means a process that is gentler on your liquid, and one that slashes energy consumption by as much as half.

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”It’s a great product idea. How can we realise it?”

Extend your R&D capabilities at one of our Product Development Centres. Shorten your product development time. Or fine-tune your recipes and processes to make your products taste, look and behave just right, with the right economy.

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”We need more capacity, now!”

”We need more capacity, now!” Start from one of our 50 Best-practice lines, or from a single equipment module. Meet performance criteria for parameters such as running time, food safety, consistent quality, energy consumption and full automation. All in a customized solution.

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”Can we run production more efficiently?”

Have us set up a service solution for minimal downtime and optimised running performance. We take all three stages of the plant’s lifecycle into consideration: from line validation to securing performance, to improving it.

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Product Development Centres. Read more and see 10 examples in "​A taste of things to come, Product Development Centres"​ (pdf) ​​​​​

So, what’s your next step in cheese, dairy, prepared foods, ice cream or beverages? download brochure "Moving food forward, together"​ (pdf)

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