This round-up gives a taste of how we are working with partners around the world to help develop exciting business opportunities for products made from recycled materials.

​​​​​​​​​​​The business of recycling

Italy: floating docks come to Venice

​Tetra Pak Italy is finding novel uses for polythene and aluminium recovered from beverage cartons. Floating docks in Venice will make gondola access easier for people with mobility difficulties. The docks are built by Lucart Group (an Italian paper mill) and Rein, makers of recycled plastic. This is the second project in Venice, the same team have previously produced new mooring poles in the lagoon, also made from recycled polyAl. These high-profile projects not only improve the environment and contribute to our goal of supporting the recycling and reuse of our products, they also raise awareness among consumers about the possible uses of recycled materials.

Poland: recycled toilet paper spreads the word

Italian paper mill Lucart Group is also working with Tetra Pak in Poland, in this case producing toilet paper from recycled beverage cartons. The paper comes in environmentally friendly “one-piece-at-a-time” dispensers, clearly labelled with an explanation of what the paper is made from and an invitation to “feel on your own skin” the recyclability of cartons. We have also promoted this product to our customers and had extremely positive feedback. This initiative is a simple and effective way to demonstrate recyclability, save money and reduce material use at the same time.