​​​​​​​​Good packaging

What you eat and drink, and how your food products are packaged, matters to your health and to the environment. Climate smart packaging minimizes environmental impact, protects and preserves it's contents in a natural way and is easy to transport, store, use and recycle. ​​

Packages from Tetra Pak

  • Are made of lightweight and renewable materials. This means reduced consumption of finite resources and a climate impact that is only a quarter compared to materials like glass.
  • Use packaging technology that enables natural preservation. This reduces the need for preservatives and refrigeration.
  • Are developed together with our customers and test groups to be easy to open, reseal and empty, to make recycling easier and help reduce food waste.




​Plant-based materials

Tetra Pak offers packaging from plant-based raw materials - paper board from wood fibre and plastics from bioplastics from sugar cane. Trees and sugar cane bind carbon dioxid as they grow. This carbon dioxide is released if the material is burned, but as new plants grow it is reabsorbed in a natural cycle. In contrast raw materials as fossil oil used in traditional production of plastics  lead to a net addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. 


​Tetra Pak packaging is made from wood fibre from sustainable forestry where trees are replanted. 

Carton Packaging and how it works

  • Screw Cap - exists because people want to reclose their packages. Tetra Pak is working to increase the proportion of screw caps made from renewable bio-based plastic. 
  • Square Shape - Enables climate smart transportation and storage. Square packages take up less space than other shapes of packaging. They can also be stacked and flatterned after use. 
  • Natural Preservation -  Aseptic technology helps preserve taste and nutritional values for up to one year. Neither preservatives nor cooling is needed. 



1. Paper Board - The main material. It's renewable, durable and easy to recycle. 

2. Plastic - Makes the carton package air- and watertight. The plastic layer is very thin since the carton itself is robust. 

3. Metal - Protects contents from air and light and ensures they are long-lasting. That's way there is a very thin layer of aluminium in our aseptic packages. 





The Outside

Our entire business is based on protecting food in the best possible way, while using as little of the earth's resources as possible.

In our report The Outside you can read more about why packaging matters. Make a conscious choice and choose a good package!