​​​​​​Serving the soup​​

​​​Tinned soups have given way to soups in cartons. ​Soups in Tetra Recart® packaging are a growing category, particularly in the USA, and they seem to really suit the discerning customers of today.​​

More and more soups in Tetra Recart packaging are turning up on the shelves in the USA, and cartons are currently the most rapidly growing packaging on the soups market. “Baby boomers” and “Millennials” are two American customer groups that like to choose products in cartons as they seem to be fresher and healthier, and because the cartons are easy to store and open and can be recycled.

Soups in Tetra Recart packaging can now be found in major American chain stores such as Walmart, Kroger, Safeway and Costco, and in niche stores such as the organic Whole Foods chain. Food giant General Mills also launched five hearty quality soups in our packaging on the American east coast last autumn under the Progresso brand, the second-biggest soup brand in the USA. These soups have attracted a lot of attention in the media and blogs in the USA, and they also turned up at the major food and wine festival held in New York in the autumn, where they were introduced by food celebrity Joe Bastianich, one of the judges for the American “MasterChef” show.​​

Soup packed in Tetra Recart cartons

Th​​​e hearty Progresso soups from General Mills are available in flavours such as “Chicken cacciatore with semolina dumplings” and “Masala curry butternut squash” and come in 500 ml Tetra Recart® packs.​​