​​​​​​​​​​​Membrane filtration systems

World-leading centre of membrane filtration technology for the food and dairy industry​

Tetra Pak Filtration is a knowledge-based company and a world-leading centre for membrane filtration solutions to the global dairy industry. We have gained a leading position in the market and employ several inter­nationally leading industry experts and dedicated specialists within development, sal​es, engineering, and plant commissioning.

Based on many years of experience with all aspects of membrane filtration and its use in the dairy industry, Tetra Pak Filtration offers a wide range of solutions to specific challenges with the manufacture of dairy products. Tetra Pak Filtration dates back to 1981; the organisation was considerably enhanced through Tetra Pak's acquisition in 2011 of US-based Filtration Engineering and in 2013 of DSS Silkeborg in Denmark, both major players in the global dairy market. The Silkeborg site is now the group's global center of excellence for membrane filtration.

Complete portfolio

Our membrane filtration systems operate efficiently in hun­dreds of plants throughout the world. We offer a complete portfolio of membrane filtration systems and can supply everything from stand-alone units to a complete green-field dairy plant.

Membrane Filtration Systems

DSS filtration plant
DSS filtration plant

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