Ice cream mix is poured into a mould so that it acquires the shape of the mould when frozen. The moulding process delivers a fully frozen product – no hardening tunnel needed.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ice cream moulding

We offer equipment for both rotary and inline moulding, depending on the customer's priorities. Rotary moulding has the advantage of reducing product waste, while inline moulding allows for more process steps when producing complex products such as multiple flavour fillings.

What's unique about our moulding equipment is that we can fill product at minus 3°C – 5°C using a filling nozzle which starts at the bottom of the mould and gradually rises as the mould is filled. Since the liquid is highly viscous, it can easily carry inclusions. In addition, more air can be incorporated, giving it a pleasantly smooth mouth feel and less mix consumption. In fact, this technique makes it possible to produce a moulded ice cream of similar quality to an extruded or filled product. Filling such cold product also boosts capacity of the line!

In addition, we offer the most efficient stick inserter on the market! An investment in precision that quickly gives you instant payback by reducing produce waste.

Production is rendered even more efficient by our smart automation solutions, which sound the alarm if there is a malfunction in the machine, enabling the operator to intervene rapidly and correct it.


Tetra Pak® Inline Moulder

Tetra Pak® Moulders

The Tetra Pak Moulder range consists of rotary moulded stick novelty machines: the Tetra Pak® Rotary Moulders models and in-line moulded stick novelty machines, and the Tetra Pak® Inline Moulder models.

Hoyer profill

Tetra Pak® Rotary Volumetric Bottom Filler

High quality, creamy and mouth-watering stick products can be created using this accurate filler, which carries out the volumetric bottom filling of ice cream.

Product Stacker

Tetra Pak® Product Stacker

Stacking of wrapped ice cream or water-ice bars, ready for packing into cartons.

Tetra Pak Linear Moulder 1500 A2

Tetra Pak® Linear Moulder 1500 A2

High capacity ice cream moulding Highest capacity on the market with multilane wrapping, 43,200 ​ice cream sticks per hour (30 strokes 24 lanes, 720 products per minute)

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