Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI

Efficient addition and mixing of powders and concentrates

  • Achieve efficient, flexible mixing at a low total cost of ownership
  • Add ingredients quickly, easily at floor level
  • Minimize powder and concentrate waste

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI

​Mixing unit with radial jet and coaxial injection technology

The Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI combines radial jet and coaxial injection technologies in a smart, ergonomic design for efficient addition and mixing of powders and concentrates in beverage production. It allows operators to add ingredients at floor level from sacks, big bags and various kinds of concentrate containers quickly and easily.​​


A smart, ergonomically designed mixer for efficient dissolving and pre-mixing of powders and concentrates for beverage production

Standard tank size 3,000 litres, suitable for small and large batches, other sizes available

Pre-mixes up to 200cP for carbonated soft drinks, still drinks, nectars, ice tea, energy drinks, etc.

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Patented coaxial injection technology

Fast in-feed of powder and concentrate at floor level

The coaxial injector enables fast in-feed of powder and concentrate directly into the stream at floor level and mixing begins immediately in the injector. The flowing liquid creates under pressure due to the Bernoulli effect. This sucks the powder into the mixer, thereby minimizing dust in the in feed, eliminating the requirement of a fan or blower and minimizing maintenance needs. It also prevents clogging since the added ingredients never change direction.

Radial jet technology

Symmetrical mixing field for efficient, homogenous mixing

Radial jet technology works with the coaxial injector to minimize air incorporation and foaming thanks to calm, even mixing that enables instant wetting of powders, fast dissolving and homogenous distribution – without creating a vortex at the surface.

Smart, ergonomic operator table

Add powder and liquid ingredients at floor level

The smart, ergonomic operator table lets operators work on the floor to add ingredients at floor level from sacks, big bags and various kinds of concentrate containers quickly and easily – with an ergonomic and automated solution and a large operational friendly HMI. It also enables easy water rinsing of the funnel and concentrate barrels with a water gun, ensuring that no powder or concentrate goes to waste during addition. The floor level operation minimizes investment cost since no screw conveyor, pneumatic system or platform required for adding ingredients.


BigBag adapter

Connect BigBags for efficient addition

The BigBag adapter enables the connection of BigBags for more efficient handling of large amounts of powder ingredients.

Drum emptying solutions

Choose the drum emptying solution that fits your application

Our optional drum emptying solutions make it possible to empty all kinds of liquid concentrates, up to 10,000cP.

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