200 billion FSC™ labelled packages

Tetra Pak will have delivered 200 billion packages labelled with the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) logo by the end of April 2016.

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Environmental activities in South Africa

Environment now forms part of Tetra Pak’s strategy 2020. Our role is to lead implementation of this strategy and support the integration throughout Tetra Pak.

Recycling in South Africa

One of our goals is to achieve 40% global recycling rate by 2020. In South Africa we achieved a recycling rate of 5.5% in 2014.

What happens to used cartons?

We are collaborating with two paper mills in South Africa: Gayatri and Mpact, which are undertaking trials to drive the recycling of used beverage cartons in South Africa. Through their raw material procurement and collection streams these paper mills collect and process used beverage cartons at their paper manufacturing facilities. Both the paper mills have a comprehensive collection infrastructure across the country to make it easier for our customers, leading juice and milk brand producers, and consumers to get the cartons recycled.

What we do to increase recycling?

Increasing consumer awareness
We recently joined hands with Mpact to organise a household awareness and collection drive in 200,000 households in Johannesburg. We engage over 10,000 households in Cape Town (10,000 households) and 350,000 households in Durban in this awareness raising and carton collection scheme.

Expanding opportunities for recycled materials

We have identified local recyclers in manufacturing products using PolyAlu pellets produced from the plant.

Investment in recycling infrastructure
Tetra Pak invested R6 million in setting up the PolyAlu recycling operation in South Africa, which has been up and running since December 2015.

Partnership with Mpact to increase recycling
Mpact, our new recycling partner, recently completed commissioning of its new state-of-the-art Used Beverage Carton (UBC) recycling plant in Springs, East of Johannesburg. The plant has the capacity to recycle 2,000 tonnes of used beverage cartons a month. The partnership with Mpact will increase Tetra Pak’s recycling rate this year. Tetra Pak is committed to supporting Mpact in improving the collection of empty cartons and and increasing the recycling rate of UBCs in South Africa.

Local activities & events

Milk for Change Campaign
Tetra Pak South Africa in partnership with Feed SA recently held a campaign called Milk for Change to fight undernourishment among South Africa’s larger communities and educate consumers about nutritional benefits of long life milk. Recycling education and collection of empty milk cartons is part of the campaign. Our recycling partner, Mpact has been collecting the empty cartons for recycling at its paper mill in Springs, South Africa.

Forest for All Forever
In partnership with FSC Southern Africa, Tetra Pak supports efforts to educate consumers about responsible forestry. Educational activities are often organized in collaboration with local retailers in this regard.

Collectors Education Campaign
In partnership with Mpact, Tetra Pak South Africa is working on reaching out to waste pickers/hawkers to educate them about collecting Used Beverage Cartons (UBCs) for recycling. Currently most waste pickers do not pick UBCs because they are not aware of the buyers and other commercial opportunities related to UBC recycling.

Sustainable products (FSC)

Globally we aim to offer packages based 100% on renewable materials and secure 100% Forest Stewardship Council-certified paperboard. Since the introduction of the world’s first FSC-labelled liquid food cartons in the UK in 2007, Tetra Pak in South Africa has worked with suppliers, customers, consumers and NGOs to raise awareness of the importance of ensuring responsible forest management and the value of using renewable materials, like wood. Today, FSC-labelled Tetra Pak packages are available across South Africa.

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